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No games scheduled. Please call for the latest information.

Cancelation Policy
Thursday, February 24, 2022 2:51:28 PM

Cancellation/Forfeit Policy

 A cancellation is defined as a team representative contacting Capelli Sport Staff that they will be unable to make a scheduled game with at least 24 hours business notice.

A forfeit is defined as either;

A) A team representative contacting Capelli Sport Staff with less than 24 hours business notice that their team will not be able to make a scheduled game. This will be referred to as a “standard forfeit”.

B) A team not showing up to a scheduled game with no prior communication made to Capelli Sport Staff. A “no show forfeit” will result in a Sportsmanship Rating deduction with a score of 1.

 All teams in an Intramural Sports League will be entitled to one cancellation per event. A cancellation will come with no penalty to the team although the team may end up playing one-two less games than other teams in the league depending on scheduling availability. All teams that forfeit will be subject to a $40 forfeit fee if they would like to be reinstated in the league. Teams will not be scheduled again unless the forfeit fee is paid and any games that were already scheduled at the time of the forfeit for the team in question will be canceled unless the forfeit fee is paid within 48 hours of the team’s next scheduled game. A combination of 2 cancellations and forfeits will result in automatic removal of the team from the specific Intramural League in question.

Example of a cancellation- Team A is scheduled for a soccer game Thursday, 10/10 at 9pm. Team A captain contacts Capelli Sport Staff on Monday, 10/7 saying they will not be able to make the scheduled game. Capelli Sport Staff will look to reschedule the game if available.

 Example of a standard forfeit- Team B is scheduled for a soccer game Wednesday, 9/20 at 7pm. Team B captain contacts Capelli Sport Staff on the day of the game at 2pm saying they will not have enough players to play. Team B will need to pay the $40 forfeit fee to remain in the league, but their Sportsmanship Rating will not be affected.

Example of a no-show forfeit- Team C is scheduled for a soccer game on Tuesday, 11/4 at 8pm. Not enough Team C players are present at 8:10 to play the game, resulting in a no-show forfeit. Team C will need to pay the $40 forfeit fee to remain in the league and receive a Sportsmanship Rating of 1.

Updated League Rules
Tuesday, October 26, 2021 11:59:47 AM


No offsides.  Substitutions are free on the fly. (Players coming off must be off in front of their bench before another player can come on.)

Outdoor-7 field players and a goalie (8V8).  A team must field a minimum of 5 players in order to start the game.

Indoor-6 field players and a goalie (7V7).  A team must field a minimum of 4 players in order to start the game.

Indoor-no throw ins—kick ins only (5 yards forward, no restriction backwards).

Forfeits, a team will forfeit when it does not field enough players. (10) minutes will be given. 

All forfeits will be declared a (3-0) win. Point system, 3 for a win, 1 for a tie, 0 for a loss. Tie breaker criteria, points, goal differential, head to head, goal against (fewest) and goals scored.

Any team that forfeits will be charged a $40.00 fee to cover referee fee for both teams.  No credits are given for forfeits.

No punting over half field on the fly.


Goal kicks and goalie throws cannot go past midfield in the air without first being touched by a player or the turf. 

Teams must wear matching colored shirts and bring an alternate color in case of a conflict.

Penalty Kicks are taken from the top of the penalty box.

No player can play for more than one team in the same division. (Exceptions-goalies).

Any team caught playing with illegal players WILL AUTOMATICALLY forfeit the game.  ***

All teams must be paid in full before the start of the first game. Capelli Sports Complex reserves the right to deny any team playing time due to an unpaid balance.

Capelli Sports Complex reserves the right to change any game time and date when necessary.

Yellow cards-a player who receives a yellow card must go off the field for 2 minutes. They can be substituted for. A second yellow to the same player and the player can no longer play but can be substituted for.

Red cards are immediate ejections, no substitutions can be made for that game. Team will be notified within three days if any further suspension will be assigned.  The Soccer Director along with the referee will decide on outcome of team and players status.  Any player or team that is suspended / dismissed will not receive a refund.

 Any player leaving the bench to fight will receive an automatic red card.

PLEASE NOTE: Competition is a points-based format! There will be NO PLAYOFFS for the winter season!


Need Players?
Friday, September 17, 2021 9:09:18 AM

If you need players check our FREE AGENT LIST HERE

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